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For almost 30 years, Family Respite Care of Nevada, previously known as the Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation, has been providing respite care to children with special needs. Discover how this service is positively impacting the lives of families and volunteers across Nevada. 

Changing Lives
for the Better

Families caring for children with special needs undoubtedly experience numerous blessings, but they also encounter challenges that limit certain opportunities. For instance, having a date night, taking a deep breath, and finding time to decompress and recharge before resuming their caregiving responsibilities. Family Respite Care of Nevada addresses precisely these needs. Our programs provide families with the chance to reconnect with the version of themselves that existed before becoming caregivers. We offer the opportunity to enjoy a candlelit dinner, go to the movies, and experience moments without the constant concern of receiving “the call” from the babysitter or the school. It’s about creating meaningful, stress-free opportunities for families to rejuvenate and enjoy valuable moments together.  

Did You Know?

We offer inclusive programs designed to meet the diverse needs of children and young adults with special needs, covering an age range from three months to 22 years old. Our commitment is to create an inclusive and judgment-free environment where individuals of varying ages and abilities can relax and be themselves, fostering a sense of belonging and support for everyone involved.

Family Respite Care has helped us be a family again. We’re able to get things done around the house, have date nights, go to appointments and so much more with the respite care they provide. Just having those few hours of relief each week has helped our family tremendously.

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Unforgettable Experiences

For almost thirty years, Family Respite Care of Nevada (previously known as the Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation) has been offering respite experiences to families with children who have disabilities, special health needs, and children in foster care.

What Families
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Voices of Gratitude: Testimonials from Families Benefiting from Family Respite Care

Family Respite Care has given me moments to recenter.

My son has been attending for 5 years now and we wouldn’t be a functioning family without it. He has grown comfortable with people, other children and has grown so much thanks to Family Respite Care.

We heard about Family Respite Care of Nevada from a friend. I was nervous the first time we dropped the kids off. I’m no longer nervous and (the) staff and volunteers feel like family.

Me and my husband have used Family Respite Care to be able to go on date nights and spend time without our kiddos (we have 3). It’s tough for us as we have very little family support so Family Respite Care has been a Godsend.

Words can’t express how beneficial Family Respite Care is not only to my son, but especially to me as his mama. Having just a few hours here and there to rest, recenter, or run an errand is more valuable than gold.

Family Respite Care has become an essential part of our lives, and we are grateful for the support they continue to provide to our loved one and our entire family.


Even if you don’t have a child with special needs, we can still use your help. Make a one-time or recurring donation to help keep our programs running or learn more about being part of our volunteer experience.