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Our Juniors

While families receive respite care, their youth with special needs are encouraged to engage in social skills with peers in such activities as bowling, cooking classes and rock climbing, among others.

The Jr. & Teen Center

Our Junior Programs are a cornerstone of our commitment to providing respite care to families caring for youth aged 7-12 with disabilities, special needs, and those in foster care. This inclusive initiative extends its support to siblings who live in the same home. The program, initiated with the opening of our Jr. & Teen Center in July 2019, represents a significant step in expanding respite opportunities for families with children and young adults aged 7-22. Designed to offer respite to families, the Junior Programs go beyond by fostering peer-to-peer interaction, building social skills, and providing valuable volunteer experiences and training to the youth of our community. At the heart of our approach is the commitment to maintaining a 1 to 1 ratio between volunteers and participants, ensuring that each attendee receives quality, undivided time.

The range of engaging community activities includes everything from bowling and mini-golf to rock climbing, cooking classes, and game nights. These events not only provide a platform for fun and camaraderie but also offer families a well-deserved break from their daily responsibilities. The Junior Programs at Family Respite Care of Nevada are more than just activities—they are opportunities for youth with special needs to thrive, connect, and build lasting memories.

Featured Testimonials

FRCNV is simply amazing! We (my husband and I) use it for date time with one another. The volunteers love my children. I love the one-on-one attention they get. My son asks, “When do I get to go (next)?” Thank you so much!

Our families live in different cities, so there is nobody we can trust to watch our child with special needs, other than FRCNV. They are all we have and we feel confident about leaving our child there. The staff is great. We truly appreciate all they do!

As a mom who struggles with severe depression, receiving respite at FRCNV has been a blessing, a relief, and is so needed and appreciated. It is a one-of-a-kind place. Our little girl loves (them) and they love her, and are like family. It is so nice to get a break and have time as a couple to relax. One of the supervisors told me when we came back to pick her up that I was like a new person-happier than I was when I dropped her off.

I cannot express enough how profoundly FRCNV has affected our family. I am so deeply grateful for those who support and administer this program. It has absolutely saved my family. The constancy of caregiving is incredibly wearing. Having a scheduled break allows me to carry on every day.

My stress levels definitely decrease because of Teen FRCNV. We do daily countdowns of how many more days until a Teen event because my son is so excited to go. We are so excited for him because he doesn’t really have any opportunities to hang out with typical teenagers. The Teen volunteers are amazing—so kind and caring. I love how genuinely interested they are in the kids and how much they want to provide them with a good time.

Teen FRCNV is the one place I can take my daughter where I know she will have fun, I know she won’t be judged, and I know she looks forward to going. There are very few places I can say that about.