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Bringing the Gift of Time to Families with Special Needs.

The focus on providing families with the special kind of need they require—time—is crucial and impactful. Providing caregivers with the time to enjoy personal activities such as a workout, a date night for couples, or a family movie night is invaluable. The programs offered at Family Respite Care of Nevada (formerly known the Northern Nevada RAVE Family Foundation) aim to facilitate caregivers in taking essential breaks to rejuvenate themselves, ultimately enhancing their ability to provide higher-quality care for their children.

When caregivers have the opportunity to disconnect, relax, and participate in activities not typically accessible to families with special needs, they can return to their caregiving roles with reduced stress and a renewed spirit. Respite care, in this context, goes beyond providing a break—it creates space for families, bringing peace, empowerment, and the ability to strengthen the connection with their child.

We open our hearts and our doors to empower each other and to enrich our community, one family at a time.


Respite+ means more than just respite care. It means providing children a safe and accepting environment, nurturing them to grow, to trust and to build meaningful relationships with others. It means connecting families with the community and resources they need, advocating on their behalf. Respite+ means supporting the entire family – parents, children and siblings, too – and reminding them that they are not alone.

A Program for Everyone

More than 500 children benefit from the respite care services provided by Family Respite Care of Nevada. We offer center-based respite care in Reno, Sparks, Carson City, and Elko to children, youth, and young adults ranging in age from 3 months to 22 years. The respite centers demonstrate a unique combination of meeting two community needs – youth development and the provision of respite care services. This successful partnership has been serving the community for 28 years with love and care.

Hear From Our Families

The impact of our programs is best reflected in the positive testimonials from the caregivers we have the privilege to serve. Their firsthand experiences and expressions of gratitude highlight the meaningful difference our programs make in their lives.


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